4th Oct 2016

The Art of Refactoring

  • Joshua Kerievsky Joshua Kerievsky
  • Gerard Meszaros Gerard Meszaros

Venue and Time

Hotel Grand Pacific (map)

Workshop starts at 9am and ends at 5pm


Code that is difficult to understand, hard to modify and challenging to extend is hazardous to developers, users and organizations. Refactoring, or improving the design of existing code, is one of our greatest defenses against such code. Yet many programmers lack formal training in refactoring. Furthermore, management tends to lack knowledge about the value of refactoring. This one-day workshop is designed to address these needs. You’ll learn the art of refactoring safely, when, why and how to refactor hazardous code, strategies and tactics for refactoring, as well as refactoring to patterns. You’ll also learn how refactoring impacts business concerns and vice-versa. Come to this class prepared to code with a pair and a mob as we refactor example code and help you learn the art of refactoring.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to refactor safely
  • Improve designs via refactoring
  • Practice using refactoring tools effectively
  • Spot typical coding hazards & transform them into safer designs
  • Understand when refactoring to, towards or away from a pattern makes sense
  • Experience refactoring hazardous code & refactoring to patterns
  • Study refactoring strategies and tactics

Intended Audience

Programmers with experience in Java, C# or C++. Code exercises will be in Java. Bring Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE.

About the Trainers

Joshua is a globally recognized thought leader in Agile and Lean software development. He is an entrepreneur, author and programmer passionate about excellent software and discovering better, faster and safer ways to produce it. As the founder and visionary leader of Industrial Logic, Joshua is currently defining what it means to practice modern agility. Modern agile practitioners work to Make People Awesome, Make Safety A Prerequisite, Experiment & Learn Rapidly and Deliver Value Continuously. Joshua is a sought-after international speaker, author of the best-selling, Jolt Cola-award winning book, Refactoring to Patterns, and a guru-level practitioner of Lean/Agile methods. His pioneering work in Agile processes has helped popularize Agile Readiness Assessments, Chartering, Storytest-Driven Development and Iterative Usability, many of which are now standard in Agile/Lean processes. He is an active blogger on forward-thinking, modern software topics with an edge.

Gerard Meszaros is an independent software development consultant and trainer with 30+ years experience in software and over a decade of experience in agile methods. He started doing eXtreme Programming in 2000 and quickly discovered that close attention to test code craftsmanship was essential to keep the cost of change low. He described his key learnings in his book xUnit Test Patterns – Refactoring Test Code. Since then he has turned his attention to applying the same concepts to organizing the automated acceptance tests as executable examples. He has coached teams and taught courses as far afield as China, India, Japan and Europe. He is also the CTO and Product Owner of FeedXL.com which provides a web-based diet optimization tool for horses.