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Review Process


The following details provide some understanding of the themes and do not necessary represents the topics in the conference.

Coaching and Mentoring not limited to...

  • Role of Coach/Mentor in organisation and what they do
  • Challenges working across a diverse set of domains: technical, HR, management, marketing, finance etc.
  • Tools and techniques to help individuals and for various forms of facilitation e.g. teams formation, meetings of various purposes
  • Learnings from other field e.g. neuroscience, psychology etc

Collaboration, Culture and Teams not limited to...

  • Creating a high trust environment where Agile values and principles can thrive
  • Building teams that enjoy working together
  • Tools, practices, structure and policies that support better team work and collaboration
  • Impact of rewards and punishment
  • Contradiction between agile practices and existing policies

Development practices and Craftsmanship not limited to...

  • Design patterns/principles, Exploratory Testing, TDD, Refactoring, Emergent Design, Continuous Delivery etc.
  • Role of a tester in an agile team
  • Sustaining test automation
  • Build in quality
  • Pair programming, mob programming, coding dojos etc.
  • Cloud, Big Data, Security, Functional Programming
  • Grow your engineering career

DevOps not limited to...

  • Philosophies behind devops
  • Tools and techniques supporting DevOps
  • Culture challenges bringing dev and ops
  • Helpful metrics

Enterprise Agile not limited to...

  • Scaling Agile - Frameworks
  • People (career) & Performance Appraisals
  • Tools - Portfolio Management, Distributed Teams

Leadership not limited to...

  • Leadership models and approaches to support, enable, and foster agility
  • Leadership characteristics in roles such as ScrumMasters, project managers, team members, functional managers, directors and executives
  • Transforming organizations from command and control management to servant leadership
  • Variety of decision making and influencing strategies

User Experience not limited to...

  • Integrating UX work into development
  • Qualitative and quantitative research to make good decisions
  • Connection of UX and innovation

Working with Customers not limited to...

  • User Story Mapping, Lean Startup, Agile Contracts etc.
  • Building the "right product"
  • Transforming tensions to collaboration with customers
  • Meaning of delivering value
  • Maximum outcome with minimum effort
  • Working with multiple customers and end-users